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We are a brand and digital
creative agency

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As Gorkem Guvendi Design Office Brand, which was founded on three core values in 2010; Respect for Creativity, Passion and Profession. We continue our services on development of advertising strategy, creativity, graphic application, customer service, social media planning, media buying and public relations with the requirements and options of being an agency. Since the establishment of our company, we believe to stay young, creative and sustainable with our tailor made services. On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of, our brand has been changed to “Venore Creative Worldwide”. We continue in the service sector with our fascinating team and our new brand with our basic principles and values

Our Services

Web Design

Our 4-to-6-month build engagement reinvents your website from the ground up. Through an immersive project engagement, we offer strategy, design, content, development, and support/maintenance services. Our main goal is to create an experience that communicates directly with your target audiences and gets them engaged with your website.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services are driven not only by passion but also a driving desire to deliver exceptional sales conversions and ROI for our clients. We invest a substantial amount of time understanding our clients’ benchmarks of success and KPI’s and craft smart digital strategies to gain maximum market share in the digital universe.

3D Animation

3D animations make the invisible visible. Driving today in the car of the future, visiting virtual architect’s ideas, explaining processes in machines: 3D animations show what no film camera can absorb. 3D animations are “more than reality.” They add a new dimension to perception, staged as an exciting movie with appealing music, 3D animations are a powerful marketing tool, and the content is generated entirely on the computer, making it virtually unlimited.

Brand Strategy

Its touch-points are constantly spilling over into new ways to engage with your audience. Nowadays, a brand voice can literally mean a brand voice (we’re talking to you Siri and Alexa). Your once sacred, brand guideline protected logo can now shapeshift into a new wordmark every day

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality provides your company with unique product presentation opportunities by enriching a real item or image with additional digital information. Just point a camera, such as your Smartphone or tablet, at the object. Our image recognition algorithms capture it and texts, animations or videos are activated around the real object.

App Developers

Apps have fueled disruption, creating and transforming industries. In the process, they’ve made complex organizational problems – like curating vast amounts of content, or providing transportation on demand – seem effortless. But in reality, behind every “simple” app is robust technology architecture and immaculate code, engineered to deliver a seamless experience.


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